MrSavage Fortnite Settings, Keybinds, and Setups

As you know, MrSavageM is a professional Fortnite player for the NRG Esports. He is also known as Martin (real name) and his birthplace is Norway. He is also known for playing other games like CS:GO and H1Z1. But, now he is a content creator on YouTube with 800,000 subscribers. In this article, we are here to assist you by giving all the MrSavage settings of Fortnite gaming. Read the post till the end and follow MrSavage settings and key binds correctly:-

MrSavage Gaming Setup

Below is a list of MrSavage gaming setup in that we talk about what monitor, mouse, and keyboard he uses and their features:-


MrSavage uses an Acer 27-inch Predator XB271HU monitor that offers a WQHD display up to 2560x1440p with an aspect ratio of 16:9. 

  • response time is 4ms 
  • refresh rate is 144Hz  
  • He can tilt his screen between -5 to 35 degrees.
  • Vertical adjusted is 12.7 cm (5”)
  • Rotation up to 90’
  • Monitor dimensions are 31.5×26.9×55.1 cm (24.2×10.6×21.7”).


mrsavage mouse

He uses the ROCCAT Kone Pure Owl-Eye Mouse. It utilizes a PixArt 3361 optical sensor which has a 1ms response time and a 1000Hz polling rate. 

  • Dpi options can be set in 100 dpi for anywhere between 100- 12,000 dpi.
  • For maximum speed 250ips/6.35m/s 
  • For maximum acceleration- 50G
  • Dimensions are 11.81×7.01×3.94 (4.65x 2.76x 1.55”)
  • Weight is 88g (3.04oz)
  • The mouse’s braided USB cable is 1.8m long


MrSavageM uses the ROCCAT sense Vital Force (XXL) mousepad. 

  • Hybrid cloth mousepad with the dimensions of 84.96x33x0.2 cm (33.45x13x0.08”).
  • It is easy to roll up for transportation and has anti-fray stitching that increases its durability. 


 keyboard setup


He uses the ROCCAT Vulcan 121 AIMO RGB Keyboard with the ROCCAT Titan Brown switches. 

  •  Its actuation point is 1.8mm and the polling rate is 1,000 Hz. 
  • The number pad has a full NKRO roll over to the aid-ghosting. 
  • Its dimensions are 462mm x160mm x32mm (6.30×18.2×1.30”). 
  • And the weight is 950g. 



He uses the headset of the Razer Kraken Pro V2 (White and Black) headset. 

  • This is an over-ear, open-backed, and stereo headset that is built on aluminum frames. 
  • Its response frequency range is 12-28,000 Hz. 
  • The nominal impedance is 320hms @ 1khz. 
  • Sensitivity is between -38 to 3dB. 
  • Weight is 322g. 
  • Its cable length is 1.3m (4.2ft).
  • It also uses a 3.5mm audio jack connector and it is compatible with all the devices like PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. 


MrSavage uses an Audio Technica AT2020+ USB microphone. It is a condenser microphone that is unidirectional polar patterns. 

  • Its frequency response range is 20-20,000 Hz. 
  • It is also used by many top-level streamers such as Huskerrs, dizzy, and Aceu. 
  • The impedance is 1000 hms and the sample rate is 44.1kHz/48kHz. 
  • This microphone comes with a tripod desk stand, travel pouch, and also pivoting mount stand. 

MrSavage Settings of Fortnite 

There are the following lists of some Mrsavage settings of his game. Such as the mouse, key bindings, video, and gear settings. 

Mouse settings

Mrsavage settings : mouse settings

  • DPI is 1450
  • X-Axis sensitivity is 7.6%
  • Y-Axis sensitivity is 7.6 %
  • Hz will be 1000
  • The targeting sensitivity M is 66.5%
  • Scope sensitivity is 95%

Fortnite Key bindings Setting 

mrsavage keybinds

  • Wall is from F
  • Roof- L-Shift
  • Crouch – L-Ctrl
  • Reload / Rotate – Mouse 5 / Y
  • Harvesting tool from 1
  • Floor – G
  • The trap is from Mouse 4
  • Inventory is Tab
  • Building Edit – R
  • Stairs are from T
  • Use is E
  • Map from the M
  • Confirm edit on the release is Off
  • 1st Weapon slot- 2
  • 2nd Weapon Slot- 3
  • 3rd Weapon Slot-  4
  • 4th Weapon Slot- 5
  • 5th Weapon Slot- 6
  • HUD Scale is 95%
  • Sprint by default is On
  • Nvidia Settings is Default

The Video Settings

The MrSavage settings of Videos are different including two basic video settings like Display settings & Graphic settings. Below is the list of the following:-

Display settings
  • The display mode is fullscreen
  • The resolutions are 1920×1080
  • The frame rate limit is 360 fps
MrSavage Graphic settings 

Mrsavage : graphic settings

  • The Brightness is 100%
  • Interface Contrast is 1x
  • Color Blind Mode & Strength- Off
  • View Distance is Near
  • Shadows- Off
  • Anti Aliasing- Off
  • Textures are Low
  • The Effects are Low
  • Post Processing is Low
  • The VSync- Off
  • Motion Blur is Off
  • Allow Multithreaded Rendering is On
  • The Rendering Mode is Performance

The Gear setting of Fortnite

If the hardware is good then your performance is also good. The MrSavage fortnite settings are different and uniques. Here is the list of Gear settings:-

  • The Monitor he uses is  Asus ROG Swift PG259QN
  • Mouse is Roccat Kone Pure Ultra
  • Mousepad he uses is Roccat Sense Force Vital XXL
  • Keyboard name is Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro
  • A headset is from Roccat Khan Aimo White
  • CPU is Intel Core I9-10900K
  • GPU is  Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090
  • The mainboard he uses is the Asus Rog Strix Z390 E
  • Memory is G Skill Trident Z RGB Series 32GB
  • The case is Ibuypower Element Pro
  • The Liquid Cooling is Ibuypower 120MM
  • SSD is Samsung 970 Evo 1TB
  • HDD is from the WD Black 2TB
  • The power supply is Corsair RM850I
  • Fans & Lighting is Ibuypower 120MM RGB
  • The microphone he uses is Shure SM7B
  • Arm name is a Blue compass
  • Mixer is GOXLR
  • The webcam he uses is from the Logitech Brio
  • The chair is from Secretlab Omega 100T Edition
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Wrapping Up!

In this article, we discuss the MrSavage settings of Fortnite gaming. We hope the above-mentioned following settings will be helpful for you and may enhance your gaming performance. If you want to know more about this then visit our other posts also. 


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