Faze Sway Fortnite Settings: Video, Controller, and General

Faze Sway or Josue “Sway Borgues is a competent Fortnite player from North America. He is also a content developer. Although he has no big titles to his name, he has been a steady performer in Cash Cups and other various tournaments. His style of playing is popular in the industry and he has created his place, as one of the top Fortnite players, in a very short time. So, if you are a fan of Sway, you can mimic the Faze Sway Fortnite settings and can improve your gameplay. Moreover, Sway is a controller player who joined FaZe Clan in 2019.

Mostly, he concentrates on his YouTube account, which has had more than three million members since May 2020. If you like to play using a controller and are trying to improve in Fortnite, emulating Sway’s setup may be a good start as he is one of the greatest controller players in the game.

Thus, to get more insight on the Sway fornite settings, you need to read this article till the conclusion.

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Faze Sway Fortnite Settings: Video

Faze Sway Fortnite Settings: Video

Faze Sway, who used to play on consoles, moved to PC in the year 2019. This fresh talent focuses on having a high frame rate and likes to keep all graphical settings to a minimal. The sole exception he considers is a view distance because having the ability to see wider across the globe enables players to find a treasure more easily.

Moreover, it is uncertain if Sway is colorblind, as he likes to keep the Tritanope color blind mode on. Also, this mode is popular among professionals as it enables them to identify opponent players faster.

The faze sway Fortnite settings for video are as follows:

Screen resolution 1920 x 1080
Window Mode Full-Screen
3D resolution 100%
Limit on frame rate 240 FPS
Shadows Off
Viewing Distance Epic
Textures Low
Anti-Aliasing Off
Post Processing Low
Effects Low
V-Sync Off
Show FPS On
Motion Blurr Off
HUD Scale 60%
Allow Multithreaded rendering On
Color Blind Mode Tritanope 10
Brightness 70%

Faze Sway Fortnite Settings for Controller (Combat Settings)

Faze Sway Combat Settings

After shifting from a console to a desktop, Sway prefers to use a gamepad over a keyboard and a mouse. Unlike other combat royales and tactical snipers, Fortnite provides an incredible controller experience, with professionals winning LAN contests with the help of controllers.

The faze sway fortnite settings for the controller includes the following:

L1 Previous Weapon
R1 Next Weapon
L2 Aim Down Sights
R2 Attack / Confirm
D-Pad Left Place Marker
D-Pad Right Replay Last Emote
D-Pad Up Inventory
D-Pad Down Squad Comms
Square Reload / Interact
Triangle Edit
Cross Jump
Circle Switch Mode
R3 Crouch / Repair
L3 Toggle Pickaxe
Options Button Game Menu
Touch Pad Map

Faze Sway Settings: Controller Building

faze sway fortnite settings: Build Control

Sway employs the “Builder Pro” controller configuration, which is probably the most renowned among controller users. The faze sway fortnite settings enable controller players to build at the same rate as keyboard and mouse players. 

The setting also makes creation immediate, which is important in building battles in which players strive to demolish their opponents’ structures in order to establish their own.

Furthermore, players who become used to this Builder Pro settings will be able to move between construction mode and their weapon more quickly.

L1 Roof
R1 Floor
L2 Stair
R2 Wall
D-Pad Left Switch Mats / Trap
D-Pad Right Replay Last Emote
D-Pad Down Emote / Replay
D-Pad Up Inventory
Square Trap / Interact
Triangle Edit
Cross Jump
Circle Switch Mode
R3 Rotate / Repair / Trap
L3 Toggle Pickaxe
Options Button Game Menu
Touch Pad Map

Faze Sway Settings: Controller Editing

faze sway fortnite settings: Edit controls

After going through this combat setting of controller and controller building settings, it’s crucial to learn about the editing settings. The faze sway fortnite controller editing settings are as follows:

L1 Reset
R1 Unbound
L2 Unbound
R2 Select
D-Pad Left Unbound
D-Pad Right Replay Last Emote
D-Pad Down Emote / Replay
D-Pad Up Inventory
Square Unbound
Triangle Unbound
Cross Jump
Circle Confirm Edit
R3 Unbound
L3 Toggle Pickaxe
Options Button Game Menu
Touch Pad Map
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Faze Sway Fornite Settings: General

Here, Sway’s deadzone and aim assist are two significant options. The analogs are more responsive to movement when the deadzone is lower. This helps Sway to respond quicker, but it may result in inadvertent camera movement for players who aren’t accustomed to playing with low deadzone settings.

The general settings of sway are as follows:

Edit Mode sensitivity 2.0x
Build Mode Sensitivity 2.0x
Aim Assist Strength 100%
Look V. Speed 44%
Look H. Speed 44%
Turn V. Boost 0%
Turn H. Boost 0%
ADS Look V. Speed 11%
ADS Look H Speed 11%
ADS Turn V Boost 0%
ADS Turn H Boost 0%
Turn Boost Time 0
ADS Turn Boost Time 0
Dampering TIme 0
Instant Boost Off
Edit Hold time 0.1
Dead Zone 0.05 for both controller sticks
Sprint by Default On
Input Curve Linear

Faze Sway Fortnite Settings: Gears

After going through the faze sway fortnite settings, let us go through the quick overview of the gaming gears, sway uses to play fortnite.

Monitor Alienware Aw2521HF
Controller DUAL SHOCK 4 Magma 
CPU Intel Core I9- 10900K
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We believe we have included all the details you need to know about faze sway fortnite settings in this comprehensive guide.

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